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    Producing components forming steel frame houses on the same equipment line, helping to shorten construction time and manpower.

    The steel manufacturing process is highly resistant to corrosion and rust, withstands a shortened 750 ° C temperature, because it is literally "printed" thanks to 3D printing technology.

    The new bridge was built in a short time with low cost, with a modern monitoring system to help experts monitor the status of the bridge.

    In the era of digital technology development, some augmented reality technologies have begun to penetrate and change the field of civil construction.

    This is the main content of the seminar "VSL post-tensioning technology in construction of industrial projects" organized by VSL Co., Ltd. in cooperation with HD E&C Company in Ho Chi Minh City last weekend.

    Resisting the erosion of the surrounding environment, including in harsh environments such as the sea, the industrial environment to extend the life of the building is the concern of most investors and architects.

    Earthquakes are a natural phenomenon and it is hard for people to intervene to change but we can prevent and minimize the destructive impact of earthquakes.

    This is a rare humanoid robot used in the field of construction today.