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  • Application of post-tensioned beam technology in industrial projects


    This is the main content of the seminar "VSL post-tensioning technology in construction of industrial projects" organized by VSL Co., Ltd. in cooperation with HD E&C Company in Ho Chi Minh City last weekend.

    Nitori factory project (Phu My 3 Industrial Park in Ba Ria - Vung Tau province) has a span of 12.5m, constructed 53 days for 66,700m2.

    According to experts, the benefits of applying prestressing technology to the construction of concrete industrial floors, large span prestressed rebar and prestressed concrete floors (not using reinforcement) on the foundation Land can save materials, shorten construction schedule, ensure quality and longevity of works. In addition, it also helps the construction cost reach the most reasonable and minimize the risk of CO2 emissions, ensure the environment.

    Mr. Tran Duc Lan - General Director of VSL Vietnam Co., Ltd. said: With over 63 years of experience in developing and developing projects globally, VSL has researched and developed many technological products to meet modern needs. in construction industry.

    “VSL's post-tensioning products comply with European standards for technology, quality, safety and environmental health. With a team of highly skilled technical staff, VSL has been involved in the design and construction of many successful projects in Vietnam and other countries around the world. The use of post-tensioned beam technology applied to large-aperture industrial floor structures, effective in saving floor materials and foundations, shortening construction progress, ensuring age quality life of the project ... ”, Mr. Lan shared.

    Mr. Hoang Anh Dat - Chairman of the Board of Directors, General Director of HD E&C Company also said: Shortening the progress is the top priority in building the factory, especially the pile driving on weak ground is both expensive and photo-effective. affecting the putting into operation of investors. Accordingly, the application of prestressed technology on the ground will meet the investors' requirements on the progress and quality of works.

    Besides, the pre-stressed concrete floor solution is very effective for heavy-duty industrial floors, container depots, frozen warehouses, ports, runways, parking lots, airports. , charging station…

    “Prestressed floor beam technology applied to large-aperture industrial floor structures is effective in saving floor materials and foundations, shortening construction progress, ensuring sustainable quality of life for works ... ”, Mr. Dat emphasized.

    With the advantages of heavy load capacity, high strength, few joints, high flatness, fast construction time (heavy equipment can run directly on the floor right after prestressing tensioning) ) and limiting cracking, the technology of prestressed slab on the ground was designed and constructed by VSL, which is very popular in many industrial projects in countries such as Argentina, Australia, Indonesia, China ...

    Typical post-tensioning floors on construction ground for sanwon dock in Melbourne Australia, post-tensioning slabs on construction ground for workshops, frozen warehouses of Oxford, Australia ... and some public housing projects. Enterprises in Vietnam apply post-tensioning technology including: Sankyu Logistic Factory, Nitori Phase 1, Nippon Chemiphar, Ree Tech ...

    According to the report, Vietnam currently has 326 industrial parks with a total area of ​​95,500 ha, of which 251 industrial parks have been operating with nearly 61,000 ha, accounting for 74%; 75 industrial parks with 29,300 ha, under construction and compensation and site clearance. Besides, there are 17 coastal special economic zones supplying 845,000 ha. Demand for construction of plants is expected to explode with the massive influx of foreign investors into Vietnam.

    According to Construction Newspaper