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  • 4-layer matrix steel technology challenges harsh environment


    Resisting the erosion of the surrounding environment, including in harsh environments such as the sea, the industrial environment to extend the life of the building is the concern of most investors and architects. NS BlueScope Vietnam has found a solution to this difficult problem with the newly launched Activate ™ 4-layer matrix plating technology, setting a new standard for the domestic plating industry.

    Mr. Vo Minh Nhut - General Director of NS BlueScope Vietnam shared: Activate ™ technology has been developed from a comprehensive testing program lasting more than 22 years.

    As a country with 3,260km of coastline, construction works in coastal areas of Vietnam are subject to enormous corrosion from sea salt. Besides, with the trend of more and more foreign enterprises coming to Vietnam to invest in production, the demand for building factories and factories is increasing. However, in the context of industrial production, the life expectancy of factories and workshops is often unstable due to environmental corrosion.

    Therefore, constructing buildings that are resistant to corrosion over time is always an urgent need of the Construction industry, especially for projects in coastal areas or industrial environment. After more than 22 years of research and development and over 100 million AUD invested, BlueScope Steel Corporation of Australia recently introduced to the local construction community a technology that is considered a breakthrough for the industry. clad steel - Activate ™ technology with a 4-layer matrix of protection, offers superior corrosion resistance and helps extend the life of the building, even in harsh environmental conditions. It is known that two leading product lines of BlueScope today, Ton Colorbond® and Zincalume® new generation have integrated this breakthrough technology.

    "Activate ™ technology - our tough environmental challenges have set a new standard for the galvanized steel industry," said Vo Minh Nhut - General Director of NS BlueScope Vietnam. New standards for this industry include: The first and only plating technology on the Vietnamese market to protect works even in harsh environmental conditions; longest warranty on corrosion on the market - up to 36 years; and for the first time, have a warranty for the marine environment.

    With outstanding corrosion resistance from the 4-layer matrix plating, Activate ™ technology is expected to set a new standard for the galvanized steel industry.

    According to information from Bluescope, the secret of Activate ™ technology comes from the unique four-layer matrix composition and microstructure that creates four barriers to protect steel substrates. This four-layer matrix microstructure allows the new generation Colorbond® and Zincalume® corrugated sheets to self-seal at cutting edges, screw holes and scratches, thereby preventing corrosion on roofs and corrugated walls, increasing the service life of construction. In particular, BlueScope Corporation has registered over 20 global protection patents to protect this unique technology and manufacturing process.

    “We have been carrying out a comprehensive test program for over 22 years. In particular, more than 8,000 samples are tested for salt spray in the laboratory, more than 10,000 other samples are exposed to samples at 22 different points in Australia and around the world, in practical conditions and harsh environments. ”- Mr. Nhut shared more about the process of creating Activate ™ technology.

    New generation Colorbond® and Zincalume® sheets with Activate ™ technology are expected to meet the stringent requirements of developers and architects for the quality, durability and longevity of the building.

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