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  • China made the concrete bridge with 3D printing technology longest in 19 days

    The new bridge was built in a short time with low cost, with a modern monitoring system to help experts monitor the status of the bridge.

    3D printed concrete bridge follows the model of An Te bridge in Shanghai, China.

    The concrete bridge made with the world's longest 3D printing technology opened its doors in Shanghai, China, CNN reported on January 24. The pedestrian bridge is 26.3 meters long and 2.6 meters wide, designed based on the An Te Bridge over 1,400 years old, one of China's oldest surviving bridges.

    Anji was built in a decade, but Xu Weiguo's team at Tsinghua University took only 450 hours to 3D print a new concrete bridge. The cost is only two-thirds of normal by reducing the cost of materials and construction techniques.

    3D printing robot of concrete bridge parts.

    The bridge consists of 44 3D printed concrete blocks, each of which is approximately 0.9 x 0.9 x 1.5 m. The bridge is made of 68 concrete pieces, placed by the robot arms. The new bridge is also equipped with a monitoring system to measure the pressure on the bridge from time to time with high accuracy. Prior to construction, the experts created a smaller model to test the ruggedness.

    The world's first 3D printed concrete bridge was inaugurated in the Netherlands in October 2017. The bridge was made by Eindhoven University of Technology. It is approximately 8 meters long, consists of about 800 concrete layers and is designed for cyclists.

    Building (TH / VnExpress)