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  • Acceptance test of the project built by the Institute of Economics


    On April 27, 2020, in Hanoi, the Ministry of Construction Consulting Council held a meeting to evaluate and accept the Task "Research and design of the norm of investment capital for construction of civil works (piers) offices, commercial buildings) are invested and built according to green building criteria ”(Tasks).

    The project was prepared by a research team of the Institute of Economics. Deputy Director of Department of Science, Technology and Environment Nguyen Cong Thinh - Chairman of the Council chaired the meeting.

    At the meeting, MSc. Nguyen Ngoc Thanh - Chair of the Mission said that in recent years, the number of buildings certified green buildings in Vietnam has increased significantly, but the number and scale of construction is still modest. expensive, not worthy of managers' expectations. One of the reasons is that the investor lacks reliable sources of information on investment cost limits, concerns about finding sources of supplies and construction equipment that meet green criteria.


    Therefore, the study on the construction of the norm of investment capital for construction of civil works (work of office buildings, commercial works), which are invested and constructed according to green building criteria, will provide information. The scientific basis of the capital construction investment rate, and also a cost management tool for investors to control and make decisions on investment in building green buildings, contributing to promoting the development. Development of green construction in the future.

    The final report of the Mission includes: Introduction; Chapter 1: Theoretical basis for investment capital of works construction and green buildings; Chapter 2: Actual situation of investment in green building construction for buildings of working offices, trade centers over time; Chapter 3: Setting the norms of LOTUS construction investment capital norms for working offices and trade centers. In addition, the Summary Report has 4 appendices attached.

    The contents of the Summary Report present the concepts, comparative opinions, evaluations, analyzes and options of LEED, LOTUS, EGDE and decide the scope of the study of building objects according to LOTUS system, a system system tools created by Vietnam Green Building Council. In particular, focus on three factors: energy, water and construction materials.

    To carry out the task, the research team applied the method of determining investment capital based on the calculation model. The model is assumed to be based on the basic model that has statistical data of costs and is classified by nature and scale. Application of criteria on energy saving, efficient use of equipment and construction materials to adjust investment costs. From there, build the investment capital of works in accordance with each level of assessment according to LOTUS's rating system.

    In order to improve the quality of the Task Summary Report, the Advisory Council of the Ministry of Construction has comments and suggestions to help the research team absorb and edit the Report. Most experts and members of the Council highly appreciate the efforts of the research team of the Institute of Economic Construction in the process of implementing the Mission, quality assurance products.

    Conclusion of the meeting, Deputy Director General Nguyen Cong Thinh - Chairman of the Evaluation Council, Summary Report The task is of good quality, logic, easy to understand, but the research team should consider editing, ensuring the layout is tight. more closely, paying attention to updating the latest information and data to make the Report more convincing and fully absorbing the opinions of reviewers and Council members, soon to finalize the General Report. and submit to the Ministry of Construction's leaders for consideration and decision.

    Advisory Council of the Ministry of Construction unanimously voted to accept the task "Research and develop the norm of investment capital for construction of civil works (working office buildings, commercial works) to be invested and constructed. by green building criteria ”, with good results.

    Tran Dinh Ha